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We offer top quality dog grooming services using high quality products.

Sabrina is AMAZING !! The home environment is great especially for my nervous shepherd and she actually cut his nails ( which has been hard for other groomers ) and my bully Saber absolutely loved her, they came home smelling amazing 🥰
jolly dhindsa
Sabrina is amazing, she did a great job with Nina and Bear, the girls loved her and I appreciate how patient she was with them. They went on separate days, but to highlight what a fantastic job she does, see the comparison in the picture. Bear who has not been groomed yet, on the left and Nina, looking all pretty on the right. They are wooly Siberian Huskies, so lots of fur to deal with and they came home completely DRY! Thanks a million Sabrina!
Amanda Di Maria
Sabrina is our all time favourite dog groomer! Our Goldendoodle is very anxious and Sabrina always puts her at ease. She is very kind, patient and cares deeply for the dogs she grooms, not to mention her grooming skills are exceptional. Your furbabies are in really good hands with Sabrina!!
Michelle Brugess
My Molly absolutely loved the experience and Sabrina! Highly recommend
Angela Groeneveld
Awesome, experience! Sabrina took the time to be gentle with my super nervous house horse. He came out looking and smelling like a million bucks. Price was reasonable for the size of my dog. Will definitely be booking with her at Alpha Dog again. Thanks for making it a no-brainer!!!
Lori Kemp
Sabrina is a fabulous groomer! She is wonderful with my two rescues - a scruffy little schnoodle whose sparse hair grows in every direction, and our younger fellow who is terrified of strangers. They both always look fabulous and are thrilled to see their favourite groomer. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth Marsh
We are very happy with Luna’s grooming; Sabrina was very welcoming and friendly and made sure she knew exactly what we wanted. Luna was very comfortable at the shop, I appreciate that Sabrina does not use crate dryers :) In Luna’s ‘before’ photo she went a few months between grooming and her ‘after’ photos show the lovely groom she has now. The shop was very clean and tidy and the pricing is on point with other grooming studios. Overall excellent experience and I have booked our next appointment.
Meg Meints
Great service, friendly and took great care of my dog while he was getting a hair cut. Will be back for sure!
Brendan McElroy
Sabrina is wonderful loving and kind to your fur baby. My Rocky goes crazy when he gets to see her. I love when I pick him up and he looks fabulous. I’m sad that she moved away so you are all the lucky ones now ❤️❤️❤️
Rita Amalfi Cruse

welcome to alpha dog grooming

Alpha Dog Grooming believes that dogs are part of the family and deserve the best quality care. Our clean and professional studio has the highest standard of equipment and bio-degradable dog specific products. Each dog will be treated to a one-to-one personalized groom, resulting in a calm, stress free, positive experience. We will only keep your dog for as long as the groom requires – no prolonged crate time or cage dryers used!

Dog Grooming Okotoks

We strive to provide a safe, calm and stress-free grooming environment in the studio.

Dog Grooming Okotoks

Our team members are fully trained and certified in Pet First Aid by Courage K9.

Dog Grooming Okotoks

We aim to ensure that your dog has the most positive experience and that trust is built. 

Why is it important to have your dog groomed?

Regular grooming ensures a clean, happy and healthy dog.

Regular grooming helps to maintain a healthy coat.

Bathing, blow drying and brushing help to remove dead skin and hair and allow air to circulate through the coat.

Detangling keeps coats from becoming matted and causing painful pulling on the skin.

Keeping a dog’s nails trimmed reduces the risk of nail tears, cracks and bad posture.

Regular handling and bathing can help detect skin problems early on such as eczema, hotspots, allergies, skin infections and any lumps/bumps.

Grooming provides an excellent opportunity to spot fleas and ticks.

Regular grooming will help your pet look and smell great!


Once you arrive and enter the studio for your appointment time, you will receive a warm welcome and your furry friend will receive a small natural dog treat. We will have a discussion regarding your dog’s haircut requirements and we will also ask a little bit about how your dog is feeling, and whether there are any health concerns we need to be aware of.

You will then be given an estimate on how long the groom will take and we will take a phone number for contact. Once we have this information, you will leave, and the grooming will begin. Your dog will be bathed, dried, pampered and given the service requested. You will then receive a phone call to let you know when your dog is ready for pick up.

Dog Grooming Okotoks

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We have 10 years of dog grooming and handling experience. Go ahead and reach out. We promise that we don’t bite!

Dog Grooming Okotoks


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