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Dog Haircutting & Trimming

Alpha Dog Grooming in Okotoks offers quality and professional dog haircuts & trims to dogs of absolutely any shape and size, with a personalized touch.

Some dogs (especially dogs with very heavy or long coats) require regular cuts & trims to keep them happy and healthy. Some concerns arising from not trimming your dog regularly could be hair in the eyes, causing irritation. Some breeds of dogs do not naturally lose hair on their legs and this will allow a comfortable living. It can also prevent matting, build up of debris and better hygiene. 

Dog Grooming Okotoks

Our Guarantee

At Alpha Dog Grooming, we believe in ensuring that your dog is both comfortable and appreciated. With over 10 years in the dog grooming and wellness industry, we assure you that your pup will be in the very best hands. 

Prevent Irritation

Keep hair out of the eyes of your dog with regular maintenance and trims.

Postive Dog Lifestyle

Your dog will be far happier and healthier with regular trims.

Better Hygiene

Keep away dander and debris and prevent nasty matting with regular trims and cuts.

Dog Grooming Okotoks


Once you arrive and enter the studio for your appointment time, you will receive a warm welcome and your furry friend will receive a small natural dog treat. We will have a discussion regarding your dog’s haircut requirements and we will also ask a little bit about how your dog is feeling, and whether there are any health concerns we need to be aware of.

You will then be given an estimate on how long the groom will take and we will take a phone number for contact. Once we have this information, you will leave, and the grooming will begin. Your dog will be bathed, dried, pampered and given the service requested. You will then receive a phone call to let you know when your dog is ready for pick up.

Why is Cutting & Trimming your dog important?

Grooming your dog comes with many benefits to both your household and to the overall happiness of our four-legged companion. 

Some of these benefits include reducing to shedding and dander (decreasing allergens and fur and dander around the home). This is just one of the many benefits to regularly bathing your dog. Here are some more below:

Regular grooming ensures a clean, happy and healthy dog.

Detangling keeps coats from becoming matted and causing painful pulling on the skin.

Regular grooming helps to maintain a healthy coat.

Bathing, blow drying and brushing help to remove dead skin and hair and allow air to circulate through the coat.

Grooming provides an excellent opportunity to spot fleas and ticks.

Regular handling and bathing can help detect skin problems early on such as eczema, hotspots, allergies, skin infections and any lumps/bumps.

Regular grooming will help your pet look and smell great!


Alpha Dog Grooming provides top quality dog grooming services using the best quality products in the town of Okotoks, Alberta. We service all of Okotoks and surrounding areas (High River, Diamond Valley, Foothills). 

Dog Grooming Okotoks

We aim to ensure that your dog has the most positive experience and that trust is built. 

Dog Grooming Okotoks

We strive to provide a safe, calm and stress-free grooming environment in the studio.

Dog Grooming Okotoks

Our team members are fully trained and certified in Pet First Aid by Courage K9.

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